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Science Highlights

Honor Code

On Wednesday, December 8th, Everett High School students in Neil Plotnick’s cybersecurity class welcomed students from our life skills classes to take part in the Hour of Code program.

The Life Skills students, who were accompanied by teachers Monica Maldonado and Kerri Dinan, worked on coding a computer-based dance party. They developed an animated character that performs dance moves, including clapping and spinning. They also selected the music. When they completed the project, the students were presented with a certificate of achievement. 

“It was a great deal of fun,” said Mr. Plotnick. “I was especially happy to see my students working as mentors and helping the others learn about coding.”

Below: Hour of Code Photos

Igniting an Interest in Technology


Students seated in a semicircle in a classroom, all looking at screen where someone is giving a virtual presentation


Thanks to Google software engineers Amin Shaikh and Brenna Manning for leading a virtual presentation and discussion with members of Neil Plotnick’s cybersecurity class. The visit was part of Computer Science Education Week from December 6-10.

Shaikh and Manning, who are currently working on the Google Podcast Android App, answered a series of thoughtful questions the EHS students prepared in advance of the session. Topics included:

  • The students learned about the type of work that software engineers do.
  • How collaboration is a key to being successful.
  • Learning new skills and programming languages is a continuous process and a key part of their job.
  • How attending college is a great way to learn the skills you need to work in software.
  • There is a tremendous amount of growth in the technology industry and more job opportunities exist than there are people to fill them.
  • Numerous opportunities exist for internships at Google and other companies.
  • Open source software projects are a great way to get experience for HS students.

EHS named Joshua Boger Innovative School of the Year

A small group of people holding an award, upward view

From left: Janelle Eugene, EHS Principal Erick Naumann, EHS science teacher Nancy Cianchetta, Abel Salazar Villanueva, Ashley Jose, and Leonardo Garcia.

Everett High School (EHS) was selected the 2020-2021 Joshua Boger Innovative School of the Year by the MassBioEd Foundation. This honor was presented to EHS for its continued development of academic opportunities in the field of biotechnology.  

EHS’s Biotechnology program has greatly benefited from its partnership with MassBioEd, which has provided guidance,  staff training, and grants to purchase equipment. The support of MassBioEd and the Massachusetts Life Science Center has been essential in the development of the Biotechnology Pathway and EHS’s state-recognized STEM Innovation Pathway. 

Many EHS students use these skills to compete in the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair, while others use the coursework as a springboard to entry into high-visibility programs such as the LEAH Knox Scholars Summer Project, MIT’s Broad Summer Scholars Program, the Forsyth Student Scholars Summer Internship Program, and The Health Professions Recruitment & Exposure Program (HPREP) at Harvard Medical School. And all of our biotechnology  students benefit from the chance to hands-on lab work in a setting that is as close to a real lab experience as possible. 

Biotechnology is a combination of technology and biology that  uses cellular and biomolecular systems to create technologies and products that help to improve the lives and the health of our families, communities, and the planet. Massachusetts is one of the top biotechnology centers in the United States.  Biotechnology is a high wage, high demand field that makes cutting-edge products and technologies to battle some of healthcares biggest challenges, protect our environment, and provide food and energy for our planet's growing population.