An Unforgettable Trip

Members of the Everett High School History Club visited the 9/11 Memorial/Museum on Saturday, November 23. 
Thanks to the generosity and coordinating efforts of the Everett School Committee, Superintendent Janice Gauthier, EHS Principal Erick Naumann, Assistant Principal Dr. Omar Easy, EHS secretary Penny Yebba, Whitsons Culinary Group, and Senator Sal DiDomenico, students were able to take the day trip to Manhattan for a very affordable price. In all, 36 students went on the trip.
Whitsons provided everyone with breakfast and lunches-to-go, while Senator DiDomenico and the district graciously rented a coach bus so everyone could enjoy a comfortable journey to and from NYC. The trip was chaperoned by History Club Advisor Wayne Bailey, Social Studies Director Stephen Venezia, and teachers Carolyn MacWilliam and Domenick Persuitte
"The trip was a huge success on every level," Mr. Venezia said. "They were awed by the memorial and the museum and the lessons it teaches us. On behalf of the district, I thank everyone who helped make this experience possible."
The 9/11 Memorial Museum invites visitors to learn about the history of the 9/11 attacks and 1993 World Trade Center bombing at the site where the Twin Towers once stood. The Museum’s dynamic blend of architecture, archaeology, and history creates an unforgettable encounter with the story of the attacks, their aftermath, and the people who experienced these events. The Museum tells the story of 9/11 through artifacts, imagery, personal stories, and interactive technology. 
The site is also home to the striking 9/11 Memorial, a tribute of remembrance and honor to the 2,977 people killed in the terror attacks of 9/11. The Memorial’s twin reflecting pools are each nearly an acre in size and feature the largest man-made waterfalls in North America.
Melisa Demaku 
Amera Lila
Melissa Cine
Christine Comeau
Gianna Martin
Gisselle Mendez
Ahmed Alananzeh
Anadia Osorio
Kiara Cordero
Fabrice Jacques
Thomas O’Shea
Touran Tashkin
Ineda Bresha
Maria Dossantos
Logan Barrett
Anamaria Omeraj
Ryan Vu
Isaah Kantende
Kiara Cruz
Gillian Avelar
Lyanne Murphy
Karla Maldonado
Isaac Lenescat
Adriana Rosenstein
Nicholas Mederios
Christian Simeon
Emily Huynh
Jeffery Olson
May Bowman
Iza De Souza
Nicolette Page
Omayma Salih
Manel Hamoudi
Kendrick Thereault
Kaleigh Yurko
Yassin Qouisseh
A photo of every student and chaperone outside of the 9/11 Memorial/Museum