EHS Update

OCTOBER 8, 2019

PRESENT: Faculty Members: Christopher J. Barrett, Vice Principal; Omar X. Easy, Executive Assistant Principal of Business Engagement & Innovation; Kathleen McCormack, Director of Guidance; parent Nancy Parziale
Mr. Christopher J. Barrett
Mr. Barrett welcomed everyone to the October PTO meeting. He discussed many of the positive events since the September PTO meeting.
• Mr. Barrett informed the PTO about the great success we had with the Homecoming Weekend Celebration. He said Interim Superintendent of Schools Janice Gauthier and Everett Public Schools and Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett worked together to help make sure the students, staff and residents had a Homecoming Celebration that was filled with Tide Pride.
• Mr. Barrett mentioned that the fireworks and dance on Friday night were well-attended and was thoroughly enjoy by all who attended.
• Mr. Barrett said the Homecoming Celebration continued on Saturday with a big win for the football team and a pre-game celebration of the Homecoming King, Queen and Court.
Academy Update
• Mr. Barrett expressed how fortunate we are to have Dr. Easy in the position to lead the Academies of Everett. Mr. Barrett mentioned that Dr. Easy successfully took over the role to lead the business relationships in the community and already laid a strong foundation for success for the years ahead.
Dr. Easy
• Dr. Easy discussed the many successes he has since he took over the role of continuing to build strong business partnerships with the community. He gave an overview on what to expect this year with the Academies. Dr. Easy reviewed the plan for Interview Day and the Career Expo. He also asked the council to forward him any contacts he could contact to join one of the Academy Boards.
NEASC Accreditation 
• Mr. Barrett updated the Council on the progress we have made to appoint teachers and staff to committees for NEASC. He discussed the success we had to attract teachers to help out with the NEASC process. Mr. Barrett informed the Council that we are well ahead of the process at this time.
School Safety
• Mr. Barrett updated the Council on School Safety and the drills that we will be undertaking during the school year. He asked the Council if they have any questions regarding school safety. Mr. Barrett informed the Council that teachers are regularly asked to review school safety protocols with their students.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 a.m.