Professional Development

Everett principals, directors and assistant principals participated in a professional development series titled “From Data Analysis to Impact: Making Monitoring Manageable through Research for Better Teaching.” Administrators worked on expanding their repertoire of data tools for engaging teachers with data, strengthen data literacy among staff and strengthen collaborative cultures, cultural proficiency and the growth mindset in schools.

The series was offered by Research for Better Teaching (RBT) and presented by Nancy Love. A senior consultant at RBT, Love is a leading expert in school data use and professional development. She has worked with schools across the country to develop Data Coaches and high-performing Data Teams and to put research about effective professional development into practice. As former Director of the National Science Foundation-funded Using Data Project, Love led the design and implementation of a comprehensive professional development program to improve teaching and learning through collaborative uses of school data. Participating schools significantly increased student achievement, teacher collaboration, and uses of data to improve instruction.

Clockwise from top left: Science Director Ann Ritchie and Social Studies Director Stephen Venezia; Lafayette School Assistant Principal Paola Lambresa and Parlin School Principal John Obremski; EL Director Ann Auger; and Parlin School Assistant Principal Dennis Lynch.

Two administrators pointing at a whiteboard Two principals at a whiteboard
Assistant Principal Dennis Lynch talks to his colleagues EL Director Anne Auger leads part of the discussion