Student Leadership Council

The Everett Public Schools is establishing a Student Leadership Council (SLC) to provide Everett High School students with the opportunity to collaborate and partner with Superintendent Priya Tahiliani on improving school culture. The SLC is an important way to fulfill our core value of empowering our diverse student body. The SLC will meet at regular intervals during the school year and will require a time commitment from all of its members.

For initiatives to be successful and sustainable, input from diverse stakeholders is needed and the SLC is one method of obtaining feedback from our students.  Additionally, it is our intention that the SLC will also be responsible for building relationships with educators and school leaders, implementing initiatives, and organizing efforts in improving school culture, all of which empowers our students as future leaders.   

The first phase in this process is gauging your interest in the SLC. We want to hear from you, our EHS students, about this initiative. Please fill out this interest form and tell us a little bit about yourself. This will be invaluable as we plan how to best establish and operate the SLC going forward.