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The Wave

In 2020, EHS started a women’s empowerment club at Everett High School called The Wave where the club’s philanthropic work empowers and educates women in the community. As many may know, March is Women’s History Month which is a time and opportunity to celebrate women from past and present who inspire us through their words, goals and actions! 


To kick off the Month, the Wave Club is running a drive called the EHS Period Project to help fight period poverty in our community. Period poverty is the lack of access to feminine hygiene products which has direct effects on females related to their confidence, health and education. This affects millions of women in the country and around the world.

Through education and advocacy we plan to provide access to hygiene products, reduce the stigma and shame and encourage education around menstruation. Two major groups that face period poverty are students and homeless women and girls. Nearly 1 in 5 girls have skipped school or left school early due to lack of menstrual hygiene products therefore missing out on crucial opportunities critical to their growth and educational goals. Our club's mission is to get these very essential products into the hands of young women in our community who so desperately need them. Even food stamps don’t cover menstrual products for females living below the poverty line. If you would like to support our drive, The Wave Club is taking donations of menstrual hygiene products through our Amazon wish list which can be accessed via the link below. The Wave Club members will be making "period kits" with our donations to be distributed to our amazing young women throughout the year. 


We are so thankful for the support we have received so far and couldn’t do it without our thoughtful and generous donors! Thank you for supporting our initiative!