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Financial Aid

There are many different ways for a high school senior to finance
his/her higher education. Federal grants, state grants and scholarships, institutional scholarships, scholarships from various organizations,
and federal or private loans.

2022-2023 FAFSA applications are starting on October 1, 2022, and families can use their Prior Prior Year (PPY) tax information to complete the FAFSA application. Don’t forget FAFSA applications are free!! Please use the official FAFSA web page to submit your application.

Parents and students will need the following information to complete the FAFSA application:

  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Number
  • Completed Tax Returns (1040) from the last two years.
  • W-2 forms and other records of income for the last two year
  • Untaxed income information for the last year

How to Begin

  • Complete and submit the FAFSA any time after October 1st.
  • Don’t forget that FAFSA money is based on availability and first come first serve basis. Submit your application as soon as possible after October 1st.
  • FAFSA submission does not have a deadline, however, colleges do. Submit your FAFSA as soon as possible. You should contact colleges' financial aid offices to learn more about specific deadlines.
  • About 30-40% of FAFSA applications are selected for verification in a year. Submit your FAFSA application as soon as possible after October 1st, so you will have more time to process if your FAFSA is selected for verification

What Happens Next

  • You’ll get a Student Aid Report (SAR) summarizing your FAFSA and including your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). Review it and make any corrections.
  • You’ll get an award letter from your college stating the aid you can expect if you attend that school. Consider the options outlined in the letter including grants, scholarships, loans and work-study programs.
  • Tell the financial aid office that you accept or reject all or part of the financial aid package. Complete any other forms required by the school.

Apply for Aid Each Year when you’re in College. If you filled out FAFSA the year before, you can probably use the shorter Renewal FAFSA and State Aid application.


The State of Massachusetts offers a wide variety of Grants, Scholarships, Tuition Waivers, and Loans. Please visit Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Financial Assistance and Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority websites for detailed information, eligibility criteria, application procedures and deadlines. Links below.



You may use different web pages, some of them are listed below, to run your scholarship search. Throughout your scholarship search, always Remember!


  • Never give out your social security number or bank account number.
  • Scholarship applications should be free; you should never pay to apply.
  • Be your own advocate for scams

College Green Light: Create a free account and compile an online scholarship list. Many local and state scholarships. Allows you to sort scholarships by competition and application difficulty.


Fastweb: Scholarship search website. Create a free account to compile and save an online scholarship list.


Raise Me: Allows students to earn micro scholarships throughout high school. Students must create an online account.


Scholarships 4 Students: Free website to search for scholarships.