Guidance » 10th Grade Checklist

10th Grade Checklist

  • Study hard and do well in school. KEEP YOUR GPA HIGH!!! Remember, your grades count toward college and will show up on your permanent record.

  • Try taking the most challenging courses you can.

  • Take the PSAT test. Your scores on this will not count when you apply for college, and it is good practice for later.

  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and community services.

  • Continue volunteering in your community.

  • Continue to explore careers and job opportunities in those careers.

  • Continue to improve and learn keyboarding and computer skills.

  • Keep reading as much as you can.

  • Continue to attend events on college campuses: plays, concerts, sporting events, etc.

  • “Job shadow” someone who does what you think you’d love to do. That means to follow them around for a day.

  • Use your summer to attend enrichment programs, such as summer camps, summer courses, or college activities for high school students. Ask your counselor for opportunities that are available to you.  

  • Take interest and skills assessments via Naviance.